Hey beautiful! I’m Jacintha Marie, a Toronto-based professional closet organizer, personal stylist and makeup artist. I offer a range of lifestyle services from re-inventing your existing wardrobe to give you some brand new fashion flavour to bringing order to your out of control closet so that you can stop playing hide and seek with your favourites to giving your beauty routine a boost by helping you brush up on your makeup skills!  Think of me as a one stop shop to simplify your day to day life and take the guess work out of what to wear whether it’s on your body or your face. Getting ready for work or a night will be an enjoyable experience...the way it should be!



Born in London, England, I grew up in Terrace, BC and lived in Vancouver for 12 years. I spent 3.5 years in New York City pursuing music before making my move to Toronto. Each city has left its unique impression with me, which allows me to bring my easy going approach and style savvy to my work.

Being creative from a young age,  I followed an artistic path. From performing arts (singing, dancing and playing flute and drums) to creative arts (studied Fashion Design and Merchandising, Makeup Artistry and Interior Decorating).

Throughout the years friends and family would ask me to colour code their closets, give them style advice for a date or other event and do their eye makeup because they didn’t know how. After working in the Fashion, Beauty and Interiors world for more than 25 years, starting my own business has been the perfect way for me to use my organizational skills with my creative background to help women live a more stylish life.

When I’m not on an organizing or styling mission, I’m usually digging into some some form of spiritual practice be it manifestation techniques, crystal work, aromatherapy and all the woo woo stuff!