Beauty is about enhancing what you already have. Let yourself shine through.
— Janelle Monae

Private Makeup Lessons

If you’ve always wanted to know how to do your eyes, shape your brows or any other makeup technique but have feel intimidated or overwhelmed at a makeup counter or just can’t get the dedicated help that you need, then this is for you.  
In this session you get my undivided attention where you'll learn how to apply your own makeup
(I’ll bring mine too!) in the privacy of your own home.   

How it works:

  • We start with a consultation to determine what techniques you'd like to focus on in the session.

  • On day of, we'll discuss your current beauty routine and figure out what products and tools you actually need based on your preferences and lifestyle.

  • We'll declutter your makeup bag to see what is worthwhile keeping and what's not and why.

  • Now the fun part...we'll do a makeup application step-by-step using your own products. I'll do one side of your face and you'll do the other, taking your makeup from day to night.

  • You'll get a copy of all the tips, trick and recommendations from the lesson as a reference guide.


Special Occasion & Bridal makeup

Whether it's for a special event or your special day, your makeup should always make you look and guessed it..special!

Special Occasion* -  $100 / 60 minutes

Bridal Makeup*
Trial Makeup*  - $125 / 60-90 minutes
Day of Wedding - $100
Bridal Party - $75/person
*False lashes - additional $10