My closet used to be cluttered and part of it not easily accessible. This made getting dressed in the morning not something that inspired me to jump out of bed. After Marie helped me organize, choose to keep clothes that I loved rather than “maybe I’ll wear that one day” and suddenly my closet brightened up. My closet now has a boutique look and feel to it. Marie’s process is great! Not only does she help you step by step, but she gives you tips so you can easily maintain your closet after she’s gone. My bedroom feels amazing and how important is that when after all, it is where you should feel the most relaxed. Thank you Marie!
— Diane Gauvreau
Marie was a life saver on the day I moved into my condo. I was healing from back surgery so my mobility was limited. Marie took on the huge task of unpacking and setting up my extensive wardrobe in my new walk-in closet. It made a world of difference as that was one less thing I had to think about. Everything was colour-coded and categorized making it easy for me to find items easily. For someone who travels frequently for business this has made packing a breeze. I trust her immensely and she’s always been available for me. even when it’s short notice. I appreciate all that she has done and continues to do.
— Christine Chadwick
Marie is unique, and a pleasure to work with. She consulted with me to figure out systems and solutions that would work with my personality and lifestyle. She designed plans for my four closets and my kitchen. I have a shoe/bag/accessories closet that my friends liken to Carrie-Bradshaw’s! I also have a Kitchen that is clutter free, organized and a joy to cook in. I wouldn’t have had the discipline to make time to do this my own (not to mention I don’t have her skill, experience or talent!). Marie made this process effortless and enjoyable for me.
— Jenn Price
The closet in my condo came with the typical wire shelving which was neither appealing to look at nor very functional. I had no space for my shoes and due to the size of my bedroom, I had no room for a dresser. This resulted in me having to store things in my den which was less than convenient. Marie came up with a plan for my closet that incorporated drawers, shelving for shoes and even more hanging space. After the closet was installed, Marie took the time to organize my belongings including re-hanging all of my clothes on the same style of hanger, colour-coding and categorizing everything. I LOVE my new closet and look forward to getting dressed everyday!
— Shaf Yousef
My kitchen is tiny and needed open pantries for storage. I thought I would create this ‘pinterest’ style pantry but as the days went on, and the stuff piled up, it became more like a ugly storage area that you don’t want anyone to see. A large size junk drawer, if you will.
It was at this time that I wanted to start air b&bing my home. I panicked because I needed to get photographs up for the holidays. So I called Marie. In only a few hours she created a beautifully organized, pretty, and practical system. It is now ‘pinterest-worthy!’. I can’t thank Marie enough for all her help.
— Katie Didyk
I’m finally ready to clean my space! Many thanks to the Marie for helping me transform an overwhelming task into a project I feel I can do, I find Marie to be knowledgeable, professional, and a pleasure to work with. On her first visit, I enjoyed her down-to-earth approach to my mess and the low cost tips she gave me for redefining my space. I also love the strategy Marie designed for us to work together to get the job done. It won’t take long with someone to motivate me. Thank you again, I sincerely needed someone to work with me in this aspect of my life. Marie’s positive attitude and clear thinking will make all the difference to both my personal and professional life.
— Lo Bil
Marie’s understanding is endless, and she is tirelessly encouraging. Whether through email or on the phone, since I live south of the Canadian border, she has helped tremendously with my efforts to take control of my living space, and turn it from a federal disaster zone into my vision of clutter-free, tranquil space. It is still a work in progress, but without her it would have been impossible!
— Kathleen Byrne
I was introduced to Marie through a work colleague to help me to organize a few rooms in my house. Marie was extremely helpful in providing a simple and easy plan. She is extremely organized (of course!) and is able to work within any budget. I would highly recommend Marie ‘s services
— joanna track