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now, can you imagine this??

  • Having a closet filled with clothes you actually love! Ones that flatter your best bits, are comfortable to wear and make you feel beyond confident because they bring out your inner style star. 

  • A closet that is beautifully organized so that you can find things with ease and not have to play hide and seek with your wardrobe anymore. 

  • A wardrobe that’s been creatively remixed so that what’s old is new again. You’ll save money by not having to shop as much and you’ll also helping the planet.

girl, IS THIS YOUr style struggle??

  • Every time you attempt to tame the beast (yes, your overcrowded closet and overstuffed drawers) you get so overwhelmed you’d rather watch paint dry!!

  • When looking for something to wear, half of your closet ends up on your bed because when you try something on you’re “just not feeling” it or it doesn’t fit right or you don’t like the way it looks on you.

  • You’re often running late because of the valuable time you waste digging around your closet looking for something specific to wear. 


Sad but true, the weather is starting to cool down which means it won’t be long before you have to break out the woolies.! To help your get a jump start on the seasonal switch, I decided to craft a Sort, Store and Style package. I’m here to bring the calm to your closet craziness and help you step up your style game in a sustainable way! Book a consultation today so we can get you sorted and styled!


what’s included:

  • My 3 round knockout process to sort through your wardrobe (drawers too!) so that you’re only keeping the things that suit your current style.

  • You’ll get a list of any missing essentials that will help give you a more versatile wardrobe based on your preferences.  

  • Your closet will be organized in a way that maximizes the space and is easy to manage so that getting dressed is easy peasy!

  • I’ll put together some new fall looks from your remaining wardrobe that will get you excited about getting dressed again.

  • I’ll also share my best tips and tools for storing and maintaining your wardrobe so that you’re clothes are always in wearable condition. Some I’ve never shared before.

price: $697*

*Cost of products not included.
All sessions must be completed October 20, 2019.

Serving Toronto, Ontario